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Protective Agent


As a protective agent we are ready to represent our principals and protect their interests by monitoring all the operations and tasks involved in a port call and supervising the consignee agents actions and costs.

Our main tasks and responsibilities are, but not limited to:

• Auditing the Consignee agents PDA, providing operational solutions and competitive rates to minimize costs with transparency;

• Daily follow up of port status, line ups, vessels prospects and cargo readness; 

• Supervise and coordinate the cargo documents issuance (BsL) with all the related parties;

• Real time report of loading and/ or discharge operations;

• Strong connections and professional relationship with port authorities;


Jesper J. Jensen

Senior Operations Manager

"The GEM team is always service-minded and dedicated into providing the best services to us as a client. This goes not only for their Head Office, but also for all the branch offices all over Brazil which we have only praise left for. GEM has always shown their willingness to adapt to our wishes and go the extra mile, as well as being pro-active in their operations leaving us with a piece of mind knowing that when we have GEM as our consignee or protective agents, we are in good hands."

Rio de Janeiro

360, Jornalista Ricardo Marinho Avenue, room 106/107
Barra da Tijuca - Rio de Janeiro/RJ

+55 21 3594 2897

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