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We provide customized shipping agency services with local expertise and port intelligence, acting in several operational fronts of imports, exports and cabotage of different dry and liquid bulk commodities segments.

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We work 24 hours SHINC to serve with speed and excellence.


We are internationally certified.

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We work with transparency and loyalty to strengthen partnerships.


We have knowledge and flexibility to meet our client´s needs.

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GEM APP brought GEM Shipping’s services to the palm of your hand, so you can have access to our exclusive content on ports and commodities.

In addition, you can have unlimited and uninterrupted access to real-time information of the ships that we are working on together, from the appointment to the end of the operation and departure of the ship.

Market intelligence with Line ups updated daily, News and Statistical reports of the main commodities - Coal, Iron Ore, Fertilizers, Sugar and Grains.

Convenience to access on all devices.

About Us

GEM Shipping was established in 2012 to represent ship-owners, operators and charterers in Brazilian Ports.

We arose from the desire to offer our customers, around the world, a premium service.

As a shipping agency, we are here to ensure that port operations flow in the way they should, easily and smoothly, providing local support and narrow borders in real time.

Solid market knowledge, commitment to each of our customers, efficiency and flexibility are our key differentials.

We are internationally certified, guaranteeing the commitments, liabilities and business transactions of our company with transparency and integrity.

Our Mission

Act on behalf of our customers the same way they would.

Our Vision

To be internationally recognized as an institution that provides quality services with customized and innovative solutions.

Our Values

Ethics and Integrity, Personnel, Transparency, Quality and Teamwork.

Our Team

Ercole Talarico

Ercole Talarico

Founding partner of GEM SHIPPING, technologist, with extensive experience in shipping, operations and port processes, which he has been working in over 40 years, accumulating knowledge on operational and documentary procedures. He also has extreme knowledge of Brazilian ports and features.
Kika Valim

Kika Valim

Founding partner of GEM SHIPPING with over 30 years of experience in all sectors of shipping, acquired great knowledge of all processes related to this area. Worked as a marketing manager for ten years prior to founding GEM.
Cristina Lopes

Cristina Lopes

Marketing Manager
Rafael Rasinhas

Rafael Rasinhas

Marketing Coordinator
Igor Souza

Igor Souza

Quality Control
Rita Andrade

Rita Andrade

Account Coordinator
Cida Maiorano

Cida Maiorano

Financial Coordinator
Marcio Trannin

Marcio Trannin

Vitória and Itaguaí Branch Manager
Thyago Araujo

Thyago Araujo

São Luís Branch Manager
Daniela Godinho

Daniela Godinho

Vila do Conde Branch Manager
Murillo Canelas

Murillo Canelas

Santos Branch Manager

Where We Are

Head Office
Av. Jornalista Ricardo Marinho, 360, Sala 238
Barra da Tijuca - Rio de Janeiro, RJ
CEP 22.631-350
Rua Gelú Vervloet dos Santos, 500, Sala 805
Jardim Camburi - Vitória, ES
CEP 29.090-100
MIC Marcio Trannin
Ports: Tubarao, Praia Mole, Ponta Ubu & All Ports/Terminals in the area.
Av. Afonso Pena, 167, Sala 53
Macuco - Santos, SP
CEP 11.020-001
MIC Murillo Canelas
Ports: Santos Port Complex, Usiminas Terminal & Tiplam.
Av. dos Holandeses, 14, Sala 1001
Calhau - São Luis, MA
CEP 65.071-380
MIC Thyago Araujo
Ports: PDM, Itaqui & Alumar.
Av. João Fernandes Caraipuna, S/N, Quadra 353, Lote 03, Sala 11
Vila dos Cabanos - Barcarena, PA
CEP 68.447-000
Daniela Godinho
Ports: Belém, VDC, Munguba, All Ports / Terminals in the Area.
Rua General Bocaiúva, 880, Sala 207
Centro - Itaguaí, RJ
CEP 23.815-310
MIC Marcio Trannin
Ports: Rio de Janeiro, Itaguai, CSN, CPBS, Ternium, GIT, Sudeste & Açu.
HUB Unit
Additionally to the Ports attended directly by our own branches, GEM is ready to serve you in other Brazilian Ports, acting as your Hub Agent for all main ports and terminals in Brazil, with same high standard quality level through our network of Sub-Agencies, selected based on professionalism, structure and commitment criteria.

Operation, communication and reports are held via respective Hub GEM’s unit and Financial, Accounting and Banking are done via GEM Shipping Head office.
Please find respective contact details of our Hub unit:
Murillo Canelas (MIC for Santos Branch)


In these almost 10 years of history, in addition to customers, we have made many partnerships and friendships. See what they say about us.

Markus Hiltl
Managing Director

"MINSHIP has been working with GEM Shipping as their trusted agents in Brazil since GEM Shipping was launched. We are very happy with the quality and reliability of GEM's services and look forward to a continuous good cooperation for future port calls along the Brazilian coast line”

Anis Tighilt
Manager of South American Fleet Operations

“GEM Shipping have been our preferred agent in North Brazil for 9 years so far, port costs are always accurate and excellent and great service. We know we can always count on them in any cases”

Weco Bulk Team
Bulk Team

"Weco Bulk and GEM Shipping partnership started since the first days of Weco Bulk in Brazil where GEM has supported our company in most of our attending ports. The professionalism of all GEM's employees and their dedication for reducing costs and providing the best ports services are two of the various good characteristics of GEM Shipping. Their PDAs are always realistic and the experienced staff is focused, with emphasis on practical solutions and being cost effective. No doubt that GEM is a good solution when talking about agents in the main Brazilian ports where they can support you."

Capt. Panagiotis Dandoulakis
Co-Head of Dry Shipping Operations

"It is our immense pleasure to recommend GEM Shipping agency as our agent in Brazil, we have been working with GEM Shipping agency since 2016 and we are feeling comfort working with them. We found GEM Shipping agency to be a highly attentive agent, with very good experience, following closely to our vessels and have very good approach in handling operation. We are pleased to recommend GEM Shipping agency as agent in Brazilian ports. If you want to discuss our experience in more detail, please feel free to contact us."